Navy Days 2007, 45th Annual

Weekend started with a boat party Friday night after the BYC Registration party..

Friday Night Crew: Donald, Ruth, Don, Mark, Brenda, Sally, Steve, Joey, Christine, Matt, Wayne

Saturday Crew: Donald, Ruth, Admiral Quinn (Skipper), Brian, Dave, JsJ, Joey, Matt Christine…

Great Start, Killer Squal rain showers, nefteGaz run down, throwing jello shots to WhatIf crew, swimming, frozen drinks, etc.. (fill in stories)

Sunday Crew: Donald, Ruth, Dave (Skipper) JsJ, Brian, Joey, Matt, Christine….

Well, Navy Days are over and gone. Shucks!! Had such a good time. The whole summer schedule has been great. The two 1st place finishes in the 150 class, Rockport YC Regatta and the Military Club, were refreshingly good. The crew was almost flawless in the two downwind races. We still can't seem to make a difference in a windward race. Matt and I have talked and we may try a different tactic next time.

Navy Days 2007

Navy Days 2007

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